Helping busy people attain holistic health

I know what it’s like to be busy and career-focused. I was a typical corporate executive, working 14-hour days achieving my targets and KPI’s. I worked hard, I played hard and I was optimistic about my future.


holistic health for the busy professional

Until….. my body sent me a signal.  A pretty loud signal! I got sick. Really, seriously sick.


Since that horrible birthday present in 2011, I’ve been focusing on becoming healthier and, as a result, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Having run the rat race, I’m now passionately committed to helping others avoid the same fate.


Using my experience in the corporate world and developing a step-by-step methodology through evidence-based research, I have created a process to achieve health and wellness, particularly for anyone who is time-poor. Utilising my methodology, I can help anyone with limited free time to attain holistic health by incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle.


So what is holistic health and why is attaining it important? Well to me, holistic health is not only a healthy body (think disease-free) but also a healthy mind (think less stress) and healthy spirit (think emotional wellbeing). The result is increased performance and contentment at work, home, gym and life in general!


For simplicity, I have created the SENST holistic health wheel – Stress, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Toxins

SENST Holistic Health Wheel

As a nutrition and holistic wellness professional, my job is to help you integrate healthy habits, easily into your life, to achieve optimum health. There are many views on how long it takes to form a habit. You’ve probably read 21, 30, 60, 90 days….. I believe it depends on the person and the habit. However long it takes, it’s essential to dedicate enough time to ensure each new healthy habit becomes an integral part of your life. Once you have incorporated one improvement, you can easily move to the next. This sounds simple but for most people, finding the right solution that will work long-term can be a struggle. That’s where I come in!


So, where to start? My website is filled with tips and techniques. That might be enough for you. Alternatively, I can work with you one on one, or with larger groups in a corporate environment. Whatever option you choose, my goal is that Healthy Results 2Day makes a positive, healthy impact on your life!



These days, most people are time-poor. So how do we look after our health in any given day? I believe it is an iterative three-step process.


  1. Choose an area to focus on. You can choose one yourself, or to help you identify an area, I’ve created the SENST Body Signals Tests. You will find the tests here.
  2. Choose a healthy tip to incorporate into your life
  3. Implement the healthy tip as a habit


Process to Attain Holistic HealthImplementing habits in a staged way ensures that each improvement is fully integrated into your life before implementing the next. This way, your improvements are more likely to stick, long-term.


My experience has shown me that in order for you to make an improvement, it’s not only critical to identify what’s important to you but to focus on one area at a time. This will ensure that the healthy habits integrate and become part of your life before taking on the next.


So, which area on the SENST holistic health wheel resonates with you? If you can’t decide, the best way to start is to take my SENST Body Signals Tests.


Now that you have identified your area, what’s next? You might like to explore some of the articles in the area you’ve chosen. You can find them here. There are many really useful articles which might help you and they’re all based on scientific research. Alternatively, if you’d like a deeper dive, contact me here


Happy Holistic Health!

…where attaining holistic health makes SENST

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