Tips to Reduce Stress

Tips to Reduce Stress
  • Try diaphragmatic breathing 2-3 times a day and when under pressure
  • Try yoga. Read the article on stress which includes studies on the benefits of yoga
  • Try meditation for 5 mins each day, increasing to 10 mins, 15mins etc.
  • If you need assistance with meditation, try apps like insight timer, smiling mind, headspace, calm
  • There are a number of relaxation techniques to investigate. Read the article on the benefits of relaxation techniques
  • Try using a gratitude journal and jotting down all the things you are grateful for at the end of each day
  • Think about what is making you busy, dissect it, what can you eliminate from your day?
  • Think about your current stress coping strategies, what can you do to change them? some examples: eating, drinking, drugs, socialising.
  • Break bad habits by identifying the cue, routine and reward associated with the habit. Figure out the cue/trigger and change the  routine and reward to break the habit

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