The benefits of holistic health programs in the workplace

The benefits of holistic health programs in the workplace

Many Australian organisations are advocating a holistic health approach for improved employee performance and morale. Clearly there are individual benefits for employees. However, what are the benefits to organisations?


    Does Holistic Health Improve Workplace Productivity?

    There are many studies outlining the benefits of holistic health in the workplace. Some of the benefits include:

    • improved productivity
    • improved morale
    • reduce absenteeism
    • increased presenteeism (the practice of coming to work despite illness, injury, anxiety, etc., often resulting in reduced productivity –


        Here are some studies and articles outlining the benefits of a workplace holistic health program:



            • “When an Australian study considered the combined effects of self-rated work performance and absenteeism data, they found that the healthiest employees are almost three times more effective than the least healthy. Where the healthiest employees worked approximately 143 effective hours per month, the least healthy worked only 49 effective hours” – How the best companies approach wellbeing


            • The study suggests that firms can increase operational productivity through socially responsible health policies that improve both workers’ wellness and economic value, and provides a template for future large-scale studies of health and productivity.” – The Impact of Corporate Wellness Programs on Employee Productivity







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